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It Really Is All About Local Natural Resource Jobs...
Not Foreign Based Financial Exploitation Opportunities

[A FULL DISCLOSURE Red Herring Style Disclaimer. This First Amendment Right publication, part of my www.MiningMagazines.com and www.WesternMiner.com database empire is not a accredited, through an approved NI 43-101 Certification (in Canadian National Interests) or the self serving Financial Industry Regulatory Authority known as FINRA, to comment on investing in securities, as does the Wall Street Journal/News of The World commentary, or Wall Street Week Public Television stock tips. I do acknowledge using far too many words online to try and explain the back story of what has happened to Western American Mining industry past the current standard of learned mining sector financial industry experts use of a very succinct OMG! So sorry, Dear Reader, that you may actually have to do your mining financial investment side homework by onscreen reading, instead of a printed pulp fiction prospectus.]

Alas, I really need to establish my credentials in an acceptable old-West style story telling style by someone who since 1955 has prospected from Alaska, Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, California, Arizona, clear down to the jungle of Panama, to end my career by combating NI 43-101 Certified TSX press releases out of Vancouver, Nigeria, British Columbia, that according to a Hong Kong IPO promoter, via phone, is responsible for funding eighty percent of all U.S. "junior" mining ventures.

I personally have been so slammed by said Canadian mining finance promoters of American mining properties for not somehow qualifying for said NI 43-101 Certification on prospects I know well. As the Kinsley Mountain, Nevada, disaster of going bankrupt for only producing 167,000 ounces of gold in five years from a stock promotion advertising reserves of ten times that in ounces AU, and an equally disputed number of AG, that hasn't been mentioned in recent mineral exploration promotions.

I also have felt a need to come home to Oregon (giving up my free Alaskan lifetime fishing and subsidence hunting licence) to defend US natural resources birthright from an invasion of "free traded' and "favored nation" abuse of issuing green cards to fill a vacuum caused by lazy Americans being so stupid that almost half of us, according to a famous multinational casino capitalism hedge fund manager, need to be taken care of!

So, here in a totally back to basics hope for investment in small business jobs jobs creation in Oregon, USA, is a legal small business investment opportunity for Oregonians, in Oregon Mining.

One of the wonderful benefits of being a mining supply side prospector rushing off to the needed strategic metals uranium strike of 1955 —www.TheProspector.com, online before the Swiss invented the world wide web, and the solar panels needed to power computers in the field, since 1992 this bulletin board FIDO network has grown into a www.MiningMagazines.com media empire that has economic development articles — as predicting the housing bubble bursting in early "Ought Six." Almost too long and late writing as Silver Dollar Dan for my purposes as a supporter of mineral backed money over that of leveraged paper —soon to happen with the implosion of future market ETF certificates — as I am no longer am physically able to throw a perfect diamond hitch on a packhorse, or blast for assay purposes a single-jack hand drilled hole with a hand crimped blasting cap and a single stick of dynamite.

Still, at age 74, even as an Asthmatic, ADD, high functioning Asperger's syndrome (with a "bagizina" personality of a Dr. Sheldon Cooper of TV's The Big Bang Theory) I still can climb into the saddle everyday to hunt and peck protest on a keyboard on a still free Internet how pimple faced pilgrims from the out of control manipulated financial side of mining investment industry from the offshore bankster's Island of Manhattan, are taking all the fun out of pretending we are still are reality frontier folk playing a little boy's games of being a anti-feedlot cowboy (as in a "Let her buck" Oregon buckaroo, a corruption of our Spanish heritage for vacaro) or un-politically correct Oregon axeman (as was Clark Gable of, "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn fame!") and those prematurely white hair old / young fishermen of the Oregon Coast that cross the bar of the Columbia River, Wilson, Yaquina, Umpqua, Coos, Coquile , and the Rogue, independently risking their life and fortune trawling for salmon in competition with multinational way-offshore floating process plants, and South American fish farms.

When it comes to anti-American/Oregon/Alaska mining I also need to protest that the people of Prince Rupert's Land have somehow won the "fifty nine forty or fight" Pig War by drawing lines on the map where the capital city of British Columbia is actually illegally located below the 49th Parallel. And, that the mining claims of the Klondike were first recorded to be part of the Forty-Mile Alaska Territory Mining first validated by the explorations of U.S. Army Lt. Frederick Schwatka —from Salem, Oregon) who published a plate in his book of the "Mooshide," above what is now known as Dawson City.

Please note that I am not anti-Canadian just for being stiffed in 1955 as a sixteen year-old in the final summer's paycheck from a Canadian mining company in Moab, Utah, helping them bend the intent of the U.S. Mining Law of 1872. And that I actually realize that many Canadians have also been deceived by the takeover of the Vancouver Stock Exchange [VSE] by their "back East" Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX] after the catastrophic failure of a British geologists fraud known world-wide as BRIEX. Witness that recently British Columbia miners also very ironically suffered the insult of a multinational joint venture importing over 200 Chinese workers to take their place.

I can even live with agreeing — since I survived being bushwhacked a number of times by the black hats in Hastings Gulch that likes to brag they a the headquarters the majority of North American mining ventures — to go along with Toronto Stock Exchange sanctioned junior "pump an dump" joint ventures where for a $30,000 "good faith payment" to cover the yearly costs of meeting the State of Alaska's mining claim "rental fees" Merrill Lynch of Canada was used to raise $3.5 million, supposedly to be used to prove/disprove my silver property (when the spot price was only $10 per ounce) was stolen away to go after "blood diamonds" in Africa. Hard to understand? Yes!

As the "Oregon Kid," from the last of the "Great Mining Rushes," I have an actual understanding that bogus British Columbian securities lawyers, including the weird "Queens Bench" (QB certified queer bastard(?) barristers, seem to have joined forces to attack us with Hong Kong money.

In Alaska this alliance has been quietly buying up (or trying to jump claims) small American mining properties of the same size as what has been recently featured on reality TV where Oregon miners from Sandy have been making a reported $25,000 per episode as media "stars!" I know the TSX "in Canadian interests" 43-101 standard of "free traded" mining investment has been used to discriminate against American miners, as the consulting geologist I have used for years.

So what else is new in a geological timeline? I had a great uncle climb the Chilkoot Pass in 1898 where he was intimated by a Maxim machine gun. It has gotten worse lately in that, along with the Canadian lawyer liars, an equally fraudulent EB-5 standard is being advertised out of a Beverly Hills law office to help fill the void of non-43-101 certified American miners, by selling green cards on the Internet to Asians.

Again, please note, that just because wool stocking British Columbia miners have been hostilely taken over by silk stocking financiers from London —and over U.S. Chinese-Oregonian descents of very skilled miners in our "golden mountain" state's history— are no more responsible for the economic warlord "yacht people," or taipans from the former British Empire colony of Hong Kong, built upon a "legalized drug trade." Remember also the "H" of the British-based bank HSBC is in the news today for the largest drug-and-terrorism money-laundering case ever!

Another part of the green card triad —that again I have spoken to on an undocumented phone call— was a "Gentleman" from Hanoi who "think it funny" that his tame American chow dog has also aggressively overstaked Vietnam veterans gold claims. And that a larger gold property that I had an interest in at one time suddenly became available through the son of the old time owner flying a bush plane into a mountain!

How do I know all this to be a fact? I am a horseback historian who has followed the trail to prove/disprove a geologic and geographical truth all my life. What I am visibly chip sampling here is what is happening further is on the sister publications of www.WesternMiner.com, at my www.AlaskaMining.com, and www.NevadaMining.com.

As a peaceful prospector that has had a lifestyle of having fun as a little boy breaking open rocks with my little hammer, I find it aggresses that someone in support of "Canadian interests" has been trying to override their being excluded from the U.S. Mining Law of 1872, by attacking my Table Mountain, Oregon, nepheline syenite lode mining claims (as in www.NephelineSyenite.com) on a www.Scam.com site out of New Zealand.


This scurrilous claim, using my copyright protected photos as found on www.Property-Prospect-Showcase.com, was followed by pseudo environmentalists e-mails that pinged back to an Ontario in competition for a nepheline syenite market share, asking how we "safely dispose of our mine waste slurry," when in effect imported Canadian nepheline is actually imported to be used as a clean water filter in the public swimming pool in Newport, Oregon, visible from Table Mountain — one of two commercially viable nepheline syenite deposits in the US; the other, the 3M Company in Arkansas, has a lock on using their "R" factor material for a ceramic tile, and roofing granules.

I also have to mention that a "county mounty" out of Hamilton, Ontario, called to protest a "fraud" from one of our WesternMiner.com advertisers in Montana. When queried in return over his legal status as working a investigation of a small American mining investment opportunity with the RCMP, I was told by e-mail that, "I was not qualified to understand the complexities of the situation!"

This is why at age 74-years I have come home in support of "American Jobs" to wrap up in an old fashioned brown paper with a neatly tied string, the loose ends of my 60-years in mineral exploration that really started as a boy underground at the Oregon King, out of Ashwood, and the Cornacopia, out of Halfway. Now you see why I need a few more ASCII characters than OMG to tell a frontier Oregon tale that really should start out with a "Wellsir" this is how a nepheline syenite sill known as Table Mountain sort of just happened — as geologically documented by WesternMiner.com editors on www.Nepheline.com.

In the beginning 33 million years ago there was a sill formed of nepheline syenite, a quartz-deficient
feldspathic rock made up of mostly soda and potash feldspars 250 to 400 feet thick. Sorry to have used a James Mitchner style "front end" the story, but I like his style, as I told him so by a bush Alaskan letter delivered too late to be of use in his research when writing Alaska, the novel. He complemented me in return for my notes defining my Alaskan pre-pipeline status as a "square-five miner," named for the five gallon 80/87 bush aviation gas cans that came in wooden boxes we used for storage and shelving in our log cabins, and if opened right, as a showerhead. To bad the University of Texas scholar passed before he could follow my suggestion that after Hawaii, Texas, Colorado, and Alaska, in his state's series of novels that Oregon logically belonged before California.

So, as defined by the U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin, following non IN 43-101 research out of Albany, Oregon's U.S. Bureau of Mines facility, supported by the Oregon Bureau of Mines, this unusual nepheline syenite sill of 700 million plus tons apparently in to, at only 1¢ per ton, at least is an asset worth $7 million. So sorry Canadians, with a discriminatory TSX free-traded tax flow-through tax advantage demanding proof through recent ("within the last six months") assays, on rocks so very old, as taken by experts not associated with the "junk science" of American mineral professionals!

I first heard of Table Mountain in the early 1950's while employed as an office boy, working my way through Portland's Ainsworth Grade School for my famous mining attorney father I respectfully called Wm. B, behind his back. My on the job training was to "shake the hand, that held the hand" of Klondike Kate; and Tribal Elder Tommy Thompson of the Celio Native Americans; and the maverick U.S. Senator Wayne Morse who was one of two who actually voted against the Golf of Tonkin Resolution that got us into the nightmare of my generation known as "Nam". I escaped pounding the ground as an USAF intelligence photo analyst, with a one step above top secret security rating for the winner of the Cold War, of the well earned nickname, "Old Iron Pants," General Curtis LaMay. I personally know, no matter the cost, "big cigar" would not have allowed terrorists a twenty-two minute long opportunity to "bomb" the second tower on 9/11.

Anyhow, as a preciously "little professor" in the 1950's I listened to dad's client Mr. Gilkey, who had been Newport's Mayor, about the advantages of Table Mountain's nepheline syenite, provided the iron could be removed to make a clear glass. Apparently the test lab at Hanna Nickel, at Riddle, Oregon, had shown that by grinding it down into a face power minus 240 particles that when blown through a magnetic field the FE could be extracted as a marketable byproduct. I have absolutely no documentation on this other than recently personally hosting Wang Mingqing, Board Chairman of Disen Construction of Qingdao, China, on his "show me" sampling of Table Mountain to see if this actually could be economically accomplished on a commercial scale.

My next contact with the potential of "the mountain" was in the early 1980's where I partnered with one of the geologist my father mentored with his Geological Consulting Company, Inc., while he was attending Lewis and Clark with the intent of combining the two disciplines. Hearing in the early 80's that a contract was to be let on the extension of the (nepheline syenite) jetty at Newport, we climbed up Table Mountain to stake Association Placer Claims (a way that used to allow prospectors a way around ever restrictive federal securities regulations; see my www.goldmining.net/Idaho-gold-rareearths) and within a very few days had a $2 per ton in-place contract, on what was supposed to be a small business set-aside, from a California quarry man. Unfortunately, as mentioned in "Lincoln County" resources, published by the State of Oregon, our specs were a were one pound shy of meeting the 160 lb/ft3 requirement, and Idaho contractor Peter Kuiwit won the bid with basalt out of a quarry in Camus, Washington. Now I have heard that the extension of the Columbia Bar jetty is being accomplished with "armor stone" from Kodiak, Alaska, with perhaps the cheaper class B and Class C filler core coming from Asia.

Anyhow, the saga continues, that after graduating Lewis and Clark, and passing the bar, he felt that perhaps his life's work actually was to go back to Washington as a resource lawyer for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management —which meant that unlike Dick Chaney, he actually had to divest himself from any conflict of interest. I am purposefully not giving a name as I still plan to "gift" his grandchildren something if I actually make something from his and my time and energy.

What happen next really must have scared my "miner" partner silly. Without his insight to what could go wrong in big international business transactions I entered into an agreement with a Portland insurance company on MacAdam Avenue —mainly I guess as I liked the CEO's wont of bringing his bird dog to sprawl across the carpet of his fancy office overlooking the Willamette River. Anyhow, after I drove a "tame CPA" up the mountain to wave his arms to the wind and proclaim " I pronounce thee for insurance wrap purposes to be valued in excess of $55 Million Dollars!"

Wow! This show was how I ended up with a manila file full of paper stock issued out of Bermuda, in support of an insurance underwriter, that probably had some sort of dealings with the London office of AIG, that covered small California businesses with a required insurance policy, provided they never made a claim.

Told you this background stuff was at the least very interesting. My monthly "holding fee" stipend was enough to attract a dishwater blonde my daughters instantly labeled "poor white trash from hell, as she was only six months older than my grown son, to spend time with me at my wilderness Alaska log cabin. We spent a blissful year together until the Insurance Commissioner in the Turks Cacos Islands was replaced with someone that had higher ideals, or demands.

Of course she left when the checks stopped. And that threw me back into the arms of an old lover who had been what my bush pilot in Alaska, Don Sheldon, promised to deliver on his next supply flight, as a real "boom-boom Loss Vegas showgirl." Ironically "wife 3" was the daughter of one of the original 1950's claim holders. She had "worked" for her dad bringing in "mining development" money, so I totally went along with her, and an "executive" step-daughter into taking "Vanderplas Mines" via a Kaiser, Oregon, dentist, and the first of his "Greater Northwest" corporations to "entertainment tonight" lawyers in Beverly Hills, "friends" with a financial radio talk show host, that led to the whole package almost being marketed as a potential shell of NASDAQ Directors Bernard Madoff personal ponzi scheme. Problem is that one of the masterminds I had signed with in good faith had a corporate Secretary who kept changing the name of the various corporations supposedly in charge of the claims. The end result was a few people actually went to prison over this, and an acquaintance at the BLM gave me a heads up call that the holder of due recourse had stiffed the U.S. Government rental payment. I of course re staked the claims in a single name.

I am not making this up. Shortly after that my accountant, that also had a finder's fee agreement, tried to paper over stake my claims. So finally I found a supposed former business professor from the University of Washington who seemed to have all the right connections in London, Florida, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Pakistan, and China, who entered into a win-win joint venture. This agreement, which had a good chance of succeeding, started going sideways when Tom Manton, against my advice of participating in a London Prime Bank Scheme, met a chap for a luncheon precisely at noon at a easy to find desk in the lobby of a prestigious institution. After that all that seemed necessary was for his investors to buy some sort of English Inland Revenue Stamps to proceed. All this is a very long story, and my man, putting the property closer to production than any, died from a brain aneurism— perhaps?

Anyhow all of the above — plus my MiningMagazines.com crusade of American green cards being sold overseas through 43-101, and EB-5 loopholes— has brought me back to see what can actually be made of what is a valuable and unique Oregon natural resource.

Thirty years after loosing out on a sale of an uncommon variety use of nepheline syenite I am again offering in-place tonnage at $2 per. And, a program as shown on www.NephelineSyenite.com and www. Nepheline.com containing report documentation, that very well could lead Lincoln County out of what remains a depression of the housing industry.

My agenda is to exit this world "stage left," doing something righteous, instead of being a "big business freak" wanting to lower the curtain on the frontier Law of 1872, as it effects individual Oregonians who actually qualified as American citizens to stake a mineral claim. What it will take is a number of Pacific Northwest — ecologically supportable of their own back yard— materials market managers not afraid to lean off of the safety of a wooden carousal horse to grab a nepheline ring.

The rest of these pages will be dedicated to a blog style association of networked "owners" of the Table Mountain ore. These are at the moment:

Xxx Xxxx, of _________________ working on exporting a nepheline clear air steel flux

Xxx Xxxx, of _________________ working on exporting a nepheline energy saving rockwool feedstock

Xxx Xxxx, of _________________ working on exporting a natural clean water clean energy "frac" sand

And those, unnamed right now, leaders who will take advantage of what promises to be a bootstrap network (see www.NephelineSyenite.com) of small Oregon businesses that will use local contributions to rebuild the Pacific Northwest's leadership in "smart" housing. What an opportunity that we have in a source for insulation with twice the "R" factor of pink spun fiberglass; and the mold proof impregnating strengthen of otherwise unprofitable thinned "waste wood" logs; and an insulating "fireproof" super nepheline sprayable cement; and a nepheline foam formed rainwater collecting roof that also can protect solar panels for "off grid" housing construction.And, etc., and etc.

For further information — after doing your homework— know that I am living on the beautiful Alsea River, just outside of Waldport, reachable from a 541,503,206,509 prefix, at 503-753-5868, and of course e-mail to the Editor@MiningMagazines.com.

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